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Dyslexia Information, Training, Teaching, Assessment Service, Bromley Kent (dittas limited)

About dittas limited and the dittas Dyslexia and Learning Centre

Dyslexia Information, Training, Teaching and Assessment Service (dittas limited) is a consultancy, assessment and tuition service for schools, businesses and individuals based at the Dyslexia Services  Learning Centre at Flint Research Institute, Keston.

In addition, it is an OCR Training Centre offering the OCR Level 5 Diploma in Teaching Learners with Specific Learning Difficulty and the L7 Diploma in Assessing Learners with SpLD (Dyslexia). 

We also offer accredited course at Level 3 for Teaching Assistants and Parents.
A number of Associates work in partnership with dittas both as tutors, lecturers and assessors.

Sarah Beard, Director

Sarah Beard

  Sarah Beard is a Director of dittas Limited. She has extensive experience in teaching and assessing Dyslexic children and adults. She also runs the OCR Level 5 and Level 7 Certificate and Diploma Courses in Teaching and Assessing Students with Specific Learning Difficulties (Dyslexia).

Sarah is happy to offer advice to parents, individuals, teachers and Specialist Teachers as she is passionate about helping the Dyslexic Individual.

Services offered at the dittas Dyslexia and Learning Centre

  •  1:1 Specialist Dyslexia tuition for children and adults
  •  Dyslexia assessments and Disabled Student's Assessments
  •  Dyscalculia assessments
  •  OCR SpLD Professional Development Courses at Level 5 and Level 7 
  •  Level 3 Courses for Parents and Teaching Assistants
  •  CPD Courses
  •  SEN Consultancy
  •  Small group tuition (maximum group size 6)
  •  Touch typing Courses
  •  Small group literacy with Touch Typing
  •  Consultancy for parents/employers
  •  Sale of assessment resources for Professionals
  •  Sale of resources for parents

See links to the left for information on Dyslexia Teacher Training Courses

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dyslexia services

A multi sensory dyslexia session

a multi sensory lesson

Where are we?

The dittas Dyslexia and Learning Centre is based at:
Flint Research Institute
132 Heathfield Road

dittas at Flint Research Institute

Contact us

Office: 01689 862610   

For enquiries about tuition and assessment: 
Email: dyslexiaservices@yahoo.co.uk
For enquiries about Teacher Training:

Please note that we are a small team and all our staff work part time so it is often quicker to email us in the first instance

How to find us

Follow this link to FLINT research website for directions to the institute

The entrance/reception area to The Flint Research Institute is on the left side of the building.  The reception is covered by Flint personnel up until 5.30pm each day (Monday to Friday).  Should your lessons/appointments be after this time, or on a Saturday, please ring the doorbell firmly and we will come and open the door and take you to our offices.    There is a small seating area at reception, should you wish to wait for your child.


There is a choice of parking at our centre: 

  • in the small gravel car park at the front of the building
  • the paved area in front of the hedge off the road.

In addition, there is  a public car park (on the same side of the road) about 50 yards away, known as the picnic area car park. This however, closes at dusk.  Please DO NOT park in the Village Hall car park.

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